giovedì 19 giugno 2008

[DIY - (Do it Yourself)] - Oggetti ergonomici - Ergonomic and "green" object

Mi piacciono gli oggetti da montare e smontare e ancor più quelli da riciclare facilmente...anche nel camino di casa!

I like object to assemble and disassemble and I like more that you can easily recycle, better in the fireplace of your house!

designer: Sruli Recht

prodotto/product: CUTTING TABLE No. 1

descrizione/description: a transportable aeroplane-friendly modular cutting-table for designers and students alike. It comes with 3 collapsable drawers, jute strap moving/storing box, laminated white surface top and all replaceable parts. Cutting Table No. 1 - 1500mm x 1200mm x 930mm

ne parlano qui/about it:


Ricliclare il riciclabile ancora meglio. Recycle the recyclable is even better.

designer: davidgraas (Netherlands)
prodotto/product: CUTTING TABLE No. 1

The FYS (Finish Your Self) stool 2006.

You not only assemble this stool yourself, but, because product and packaging are both made from cardboard, also finish it yourself. Two parts of the stool are simply cut loose from the box where the remaining six parts are packaged in.

Finish Your Self junior
Puzzle your own chair together (with a little help from mama) using a large part of the packaging. The chair is made from corrugated cardboard and is 100% recyclable.
Designer: David Graas (Netherlands)

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